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Steven Craig Goodwin's passion for music composition begins in his heart and is fueled by his love of nature.  Approximately 9 years ago, when he was in his early 60's, compositions which had previously flowed, with little or no effort to the piano keys, simply didn’t.  There was much music that needed to be expressed and captured but the ability to make that happen, as he previously could, simply eluded him.  A fog began to form in his brain, which affected him both musically and in all aspects of his life.  Steven has now been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s Disease but the music still plays in his head, heart and soul.  


Steven is passionate about music, nature and family.  Despite the health challenge he faces he is a consummately “happy guy”, as he puts it.  He loves spending time with family and his dog, Annie, and finds peace hiking in the woods with his wife of 49 years, Joni, who just happens to be his very best friend. Steven's two beautiful daughters have given him four handsome and very special grandsons who will continue on with his greatest legacy, which is love.


As you will hear, his music is filled with passion and is expressed in many colorful emotions.  Steven is too humble to share his talents on his own.  Therefore others are stepping in and he has agreed to share both his music and his personal journey with others.  His hope is that by doing so his musical talents may lead to needed additional funds that will help preserve our environment and the beautiful nature that feeds his soul and may someday lead to funding a cure for AD.

Portland, Oregon-based songwriter, pianist and vocalist Naomi LaViolette has roots deep in classical music—she has a master’s degree in classical piano performance—but she has also immersed herself in jazz standards, folk songs, soul, pop and gospel.  Naomi is often commissioned to record for piano and vocal composers, write songs for various outlets, provide arrangements of her music for other musical groups, and is an in-demand session player and performer.


It has brought Naomi immense joy to come alongside the Goodwin family in their efforts to preserve Steve's incredible music. Friendship and music go hand in hand with the project.  Learning Steve's music has required her ability to play by ear, interpret jazz harmonies, interpret passionate melodies, and express the songs as if the composer himself were playing the piano. Naomi believes it to be a very rewarding and life-giving experience for everyone involved. 


Naomi's musicianship has received great review and critical acclaim from media including Oregon Music News, The Oregonian, The Portland Tribune, Willamette Week, KATU’s AM Northwest,, and  She is praised for her original music and balanced combination of chops and lyricism.  Naomi has opened for national and international artists, performed at esteemed venues and festivals including the Portland Jazz Festival, Jimmy Mak’s, the Doug Fir Lounge, the Alberta Rose Theater, and The Bite of Oregon, and is the pianist for the Oregon Repertory Singers.


The SAVING HIS MUSIC Project is a collaborative inspiration founded by love and fueled by hope in 2015.  After our father was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s Disease, watching him struggle to play his piano through the fog of cognitive confusion was hard. Very hard.  We realized that hope alone was unable to change the reality of the situation.  Our father’s music was the soundtrack of our childhood, and much of it was neither written down nor recorded. His music, often inspired by his love of nature, simply had to become his legacy, however how to make this happen seemed daunting.


After sharing our concern with Naomi LaViolette, a personal friend and Portland-based musician, a truly collaborative labor of love and talent was born. Our family met with Naomi frequently over the last three and a half years to support our father in capturing his music. By recollecting moments of various songs, Naomi intuitively supported him in filling the gaps, using both her musical talent and her heart. Although our father has struggled to play his music over the last few years, his music remains in his soul, and his mind still knows how each composition sounds. After listening to Naomi play each phrase or song back to him, our father was able to express any changes needed, which Naomi graciously and skillfully incorporated. Naomi simply began to play our father’s music from her spirit. Total joy filled each session when a fleeting song was recaptured.  Through each session Naomi patiently and lovingly helped our father find his music again and prepare it to be recorded.

As of February 2019 this project has enabled the vast majority of our father's compositions to be saved to his legacy. The first 16 were presented on our first album, The Nature Of Love. It includes some very special pieces such as “Sunshine and Love”, which our dad wrote for our mom to profess his love to her at 16 years of age. It also includes “Melancholy Flower”, which our dad wrote after receiving his diagnosis of Alzheimer’s. 


Our Saving His Music project began as an intimate family endeavor in the face of a cruel, unstoppable disease. Over time our project has captured the attention of many and has grown wings. We’ve been amazed to receive coverage in national and local news, including The Oregonian, CBS Sunday Morning, The Week and The Saturday Evening Post. Our first album (The Nature of Love) spent three weeks on the Billboard New Age chart in January 2018. We were (and still are!) stunned and very, very honored. 


This project has provided immense joy and purpose for everyone involved. Beyond the gift of preserving our father's music, our collective wish is for his music to be shared with and touch others as it has touched us. 


Thank you for your interest in our Saving The Music Project!


~ Steven’s daughters,

 Kristen Goodwin Policy & Melissa Goodwin

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