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Melancholy Flower has become a metaphoric expression of the Saving His Music project and the journey Steven C Goodwin is facing.  

It is a collaborative endeavor between Steven and Naomi.  Steven wrote the original piano composition, and Naomi created lyrics for a four part vocal arrangement, and she also created an orchestral arrangement as well.


In 2019 Portland’s Oregon Repertory Singers  brought it to the stage and recorded it on their recently released album, Shadows on Stars, which debuted at # 4 on Billboard and received submissions for three Grammy awards! 


Melancholy Flower was also recently accepted and published by the esteemed Santa Barbara Music Publishing company, which makes it available to choirs world wide.


Needless to say, we just keep shaking our heads in disbelief and feeling ever so grateful that this music won't be forgotten even after he's forgotten it. 


Out on the prairie

wild and free

a lonely flower

Tries to sing


It’s hidden music

in petals of gold

melancholy flower

lovely soul


Dark clouds fall on the flower

Misty fog blocks the sunlight

Lost and blinded in shadow   

Golden colors fade from sight


Hold on flower

your roots are strong

If you sing out

You won't be alone


Sing, flower, sing


Through the shadows

wild and free

Now many flowers

are blossoming 


The prairie is full of singing

as the wind blows

in waves of golden

the flower is known


The flower is known

Oregon Repertory Singers


Cover image 400x400.jpg
Steven C Goodwin & Naomi LaViolette

Piano Only

Steven C Goodwin & Naomi LaViolette

Piano + Orchestra


Melancholy Flower

Solo Piano​


Upon receipt of payment, sheet music will be emailed as a PDF within 36 hours. 

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Formal Choir Performance

Melancholy Flower

Choral SATB


Choral sheet music is available for purchase through Santa Barbara Music Publishing, Inc.

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