We're delighted to share this music in written form so others can learn and share our dad's music. Piano and choral scores available of select songs.

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As heard on CBS News, Melancholy Flower is a collaborative endeavor between Steven and Naomi. 
It has become a metaphoric expression of the Saving His Music project and the journey Steven C Goodwin is facing.  
The choral arrangement was recorded professionally by The Oregon Repertory Singers in 2018.
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The first album capturing Steven's original compositions, expressing the depths of human emotions. Heartfelt, love-filled, cinematic, ambient and whimsical. 

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Our second album featuring some of Steven's (and his family's ) favorites filled with epic themes of adventure, adoration, whimsy, travel and, of course, love. 

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A sweet, meandering instrumental set on a sunny day in the countryside beyond Dublin featuring GRAMMY winner Nancy Rumbel.

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